London – June 2012

Hello! I’m Midwest-born, but California-raised. Blogging from The Bay Area. I love to eat and travel, but I also have a soft spot for good books and reminiscing with friends.

I’m always looking forward to my next adventure! That could be anything from a new city, a new restaurant, to meeting up with old/new friends. Looking at old pictures is something I love to do, so I figure if I blog an event, I can always look back on that day! I’m also starting to vlog certain events I think I would want to remember in the future. I’m still trying to get better at that.

After graduating college and working, I’ve always loved to travel. I want to see the world! And now that I’m married, I have a partner to drag along with me and help my put my luggage in the overhead compartments! Though we’ve been blessed to see much of the world already, there are still so many places I want to see while we have no kids in tow.

Other than vacations, some other things I like doing are reading, running, DIY projects, cooking/baking, and much more. Occasionally I’ll write more about these things as well!


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