5 Favorite Disneyland Snacks (and DCA too!)

Favorite Disneyland Snacks

EJ and I went to Disneyland/DCA (Disney California Adventure) a lot this year, for various reasons. And we snacked, a lot. If you’ve never been or haven’t been in a long time, you should try some of these out!

These are five of my favorite Disneyland/DCA Snacks:

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar
Of course this would be first on my list. I love Mickey Bars, especially on a hot day! It’s basically a super frozen vanilla ice cream bar covered in a thick layer of chocolate! It doesn’t sound like anything special, in fact you can get something similar at Costco, but for me, just the fact that it’s shaped like a Hidden Mickey and I can only get one in a Disney establishment is what makes it special for me. Also, it’s on a stick, so you can easily walk around and eat it at the same time.

 mickey's premium ice cream bar
(Disney California Adventure 2012)

Dole Whip
These come as whip alone or as a float in pineapple juice. Definitely helpful during hot summer months. Southern California heat is no joke. Dole Whips are a very popular Disneyland snack. Lines in summer months are long, but definitely worth the wait! They’re made of a tart pineapple flavored soft-serve yogurt, and if you get a float, the sweetness of the pineapple juice mixes well with the tartness of the whip. I always get a float. It’s also served with a cherry and paper umbrella =)

dole whip float dole whip float
(Disneyland 2012)

Corn Dog
Foods on sticks are good for handling on busy park days. It’s small enough to be eaten as a snack, but if paired with chips and a drink, could also be considered a meal. I got one from Corn Dog Castle in Disney’s California Adventure over the summer. It was so good that I got another one the next day haha! Of course you can get a corn dog at Hot Dog-on-a-Stick, but the breading on a Disney corn dog just tasted different. Not as sweet, not as salty, and a little more gritty.

corn dog

Caramel Apple
Next on my list is a favorite that I like buying to take home, as opposed to buying to eat in the parks. I think some would consider this a somewhat “healthy” option because of its fruit content. I love the different varieties it comes in, but I’ve come to love the plain Minnie Apple. And during the holidays, the Holiday Minnie Apple. Red sprinkles with chocolate taste amazing!

minnie caramel apple caramel apple on main street
(Disneyland 2012)

caramel apple
(Disneyland 2010)

disneyland caramel apples
(Downtown Disney 2013)

Kind of like a donut with no hole. Comes shaped as traditional or Mickey shaped! The traditional ones are available in Downtown Disney at Ralph Brenner’s Jazz Kitchen and JK Express. The Mickey shaped ones are available in the parks at Cafe Orleans (with dipping sauces) and at the Mint Julep Bar (seasonal flavors).

I can eat a bag of these on my own. Which wouldn’t leave much room for my other favorite snacks, so I’m always tempted to share. See a more in depth review of the Disneyland Beignet from the Disney Food Blog.

(Downtown Disney 2013)

(Downtown Disney 2014 – free birthday treat at Ralph Brenner’s Jazz Kitchen)

… and one bonus…

This is more of EJs favorite, but I like them too! There’s something about the cinnamon and sugar that makes this chewy snack a favorite. They are portable and you can easily walk around the parks and eat these at the same time. Also, tastes great a la mode =)

churro(Disney California Adventure 2014)

Are one of these your favorite snack? If not, leave a comment and tell me what yours is!      


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