5 Reasons Why I Love Tieks


(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Everything written is based on my own opinion.)

I don’t like them. I LOVE them! Ever since getting my first pair of Tieks in April, I’ve been hooked. I wear them all the time! A lot of people have asked me about them after seeing ads online and I tell everyone the same thing – I LOVE THEM! Here’s why:

This plays a MAJOR factor in my shoe-purchasing decisions. If it’s not comfortable with the first wear, I’ll return them. I don’t have time to break in shoes and I don’t like blisters. And no matter how cute or expensive the shoes are, the price and style have no worth if I’m not paying for comfort.

First off, the heel has no elastic so there’s no friction in that area to create blisters. I felt a big difference wearing these for a whole day. No issues with the back of my shoe rubbing on my heel like with other shoes I’ve owned.


The soles are a beautiful turquoise color (my favorite color). And not only do they make the shoes recognizable, but the thickness of the sole makes them easy to wear in different terrains. I walked on rocks or grass and it felt all the same. (Unlike cheaper shoes where you can feel every rock and twig on the ground.)


There isn’t much padding on the insoles, but somehow it molds to my feet and doesn’t cause any discomfort when I wear them.

Return Policy
Tieks allows returns and exchanges as long as the shoes haven’t been worn. You can exchange as many times as you have to. I sure did! And they accommodated my request every time. I wasn’t fitting my black Tieks out of the box. After five exchanges, I sized up and now I’m content with my order! But with each and every exchange and email I made, they were so helpful and responded to my inquiries very promptly!

Just email them or fill out a form on their site. You’ll either get a shipping label via email or you’ll get one with a new pair to send back the old pair with.

As you can see, these are the kind of shoes that can be folded up and packed, but unlike other foldable and packable shoes, these can be worn all day. They aren’t just a replacement for a long day’s worth of heels. They come with their own black-colored storage bag! I usually wear mine all day, but I have also easily packed these in my luggage as they take up minimal space. If laid flat, they fit perfectly between the rungs of the luggage handle!

IMG_2210 IMG_2214

Along with the storage bag, Tieks also sends the shoes with a turquoise-colored shoe bag (pictured below) for the shoes you’re changing out of. I usually wear mine all day, but once in a while I’ll change into them after weddings and formal dinners. That bag came in handy. And when not in use, it can be stuffed into a spandex-like material pod-shaped holder (pictured above on the right; small, round pouch with the turquoise tab) and store it taking up minimal space.


While all the styles are exactly the same, there is a wide variety of colors. I only have two, but I plan on getting more! My first pair was Chestnut. I’ve been searching a long time for camel colored ballet flats and I thought I made the perfect choice. That color can go with any outfit in any color, dressy or casual.

My second pair was a birthday gift from Dianne. She’s sneaky. I thought she asked which color I would get next because she was thinking of buying a pair for herself, but it was actually for me! Now I have the perfect black ballet flat. Another item I’ve been searching high and low for that I can mark off my “Need to Buy” list. Black flats go with everything as well.

Of course they have a wide variety of colors. I mainly like the Classics, but Prints, Patents, and a Vegan Collection is also available. See their site for all the options. I’m planning on Cardinal Red for my next color =)

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 10.31.16 AM(screenshot from Tieks)

And last, but not least, I love, love, love the way the shoes were designed. The thing I like most about the style is that it’s so simple. No studs or rhinestones or any flashy stuff. Just plain and simple. They’re also really versatile and I can wear them dressed up or down.

Besides the way the shoe is made, I also love the style that the shoes are packaged in! They are mailed in a typical white mailing box, but inside is this beauty. I love the turquoise-colored box with the flower (on an elastic the wraps around the box). Everything fits perfectly inside: the shoes, the storage bag, the shoe bag, and some cards with more details of the shoe, and a handwritten note card from a Tieks employee.

IMG_2211 IMG_7267
IMG_2221 IMG_2223

Their tagline is “The Ballet Flat, Reinvented” and I totally believe this is true! I’m so grateful I found an essential piece for my wardrobe that I can pull out whenever I need.

Tieks are the typical ballet flat that I’ve been searching years for! I’ve known about them for a while, but because of the price, I wasn’t really interested. These shoes are definitely an investment in comfort, but worth every penny I’ve spent.

The Tieks creators have definitely thought of everything regarding this product. With the average woman in mind, they’ve created something that every woman can benefit from. I know I definitely did.

Have you thought of purchasing this product? If so, what colors would you pick? And if you already have them, what do you love most about them?


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