Happy Birth-Month to Me!


As July comes to an end, I just wanted to thank everyone that greeted me in-person, or through call/text/email, greetings and picture collages on FB and IG, and especially everyone that was kind-hearted enough to go out of their way to get me a present. I LOVE IT ALL!

When Alex and I were kids, my mom’s family would always throw us big birthday party picnics. Since our birthdays were in summertime, there was never school. And since my birthday was on a holiday, everyone usually showed up to mine. My mom and her siblings were used to cooking for large amounts of people since they grew up in a Filipino family! She had 8 siblings, plus extended family that they would cooked for. Our birthdays were no big deal to them and our family already reserved those days for us. It also served as a type of family reunion. I miss those parties.

Until the last birthday I celebrated with her, my mom would always start greeting me “Happy Birthday!” a whole week before my actual birthday. And every year I would tell her that it wasn’t even July yet. And every year she would yell Happy Birthday when she saw me first thing in the morning, every morning, until my actual birthday. My dad, Alex, and I always thought she was a little crazy. Haha. I miss it’s those little crazy things that I miss most about her. I realize that now.

This year I didn’t get that special greeting from her, but I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with my husband and my best friend in Disneyland, which is a lot more than what I could’ve asked for.

I wish I could screen shot every greeting I got, but this will have to do. So to everyone, I would like to say: Thank You. From the bottom of my heart, I Love You all so much. None of this was necessary, but it only made me feel more special inside =)

IMG_1654-1 IMG_1670-2
IMG_1653-1 IMG_1651
IMG_1649 IMG_8529 IMG_4257-1
IMG_1442 IMG_1441-1 IMG_1440-1
IMG_1438 IMG_1435
IMG_1655 IMG_1656

And last, but not least, THANK YOU TITA LING for this amazing throwback! My haircuts from Daddy were always stylin! I love old pictures!


See how I celebrated my birthday with my Birthday Series blogposts:
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Disneyland – Day Two: Breakfast with Celebrities
Disneyland – Day Three


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