SoCal Eats – M&M Donuts and Porto’s


Living only 6 hours from Disneyland, my husband and I make an effort to drive down to Southern California whenever possible. Though it would be extremely amazing if we could get our hands on some Disneyland Annual Passes, we don’t think we could make it down there often enough to get our monies worth. BUT, hopefully we will sometime in the future when we don’t have abnormal, nightshift hospital schedules! When we’re there, eating in and around the Disneyland Resort is one of my favorite things to do, but there are other hidden gems nearby that my husband and I always try to visit on the way home for some road trip snacks!

M&M Donuts
Popular item is their BLUEBERRY DONUT! I didn’t even like blueberry-flavored foods before tasting these warm, crunchy-on-the-outside, melt-in-your-mouth, bits of deliciousness.  They sell other things, but this is the Go-To item. WARNING: if you get there when Disneyland closes, or if you’re unlucky, the line may take up to four hours! I know what you’re thinking, but sometimes people order five dozen at a time, and since they are made fresh to order, that time adds up. I think it’s worth it though. The first time my husband and I went, we were second in line around 9pm and it took 20 minutes for half a dozen. Second time we went, we were fifth in line around 11pm and the couple in front of us ordered the said five dozen. FML. It only took two and a half hours. The four hours I mentioned came from a friend that went a little after Disneyland closed on a weekend and apparently the rest of the park wanted to come here too.

Remember to check their business hours! Usually they’re open night shift 9pm-noon. And they don’t make blueberry donuts after a certain time in the morning.

IMG_5405 IMG_5409

Popular item is their cheese roll! They are a family owned, Cuban bakery. Cheese rolls are sold by the piece, but if you’re driving back home or have some carry-on space, boxes are sold by the dozen. My husband and I came out of there once with nine boxes of cheese rolls! Some to give away as pasalubong* of course! Other delicious items we love are the potato balls and the raspberry kisses. In some locations, the bakery is also attached to a restaurant where they sell quick service meals. Their sandwiches are large in portions and you really can’t fail at anything you order.

IMG_6597 IMG_6600

*Pasalubong is a Tagalog (Filipino) word that means a type of gift brought back by others that have gone away, usually on vacation.

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I’m sure there a many, many other favorites out there. What are yours?? Tell me, and it might make it onto my next Favorites list.


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